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Mission Statement:

ICI is a small company with level 5 goals.  We drive to be the best at what we do even if it puts us in a price range slightly above our competitors.  We have the unique ability to effectively cater to the more custom needs of our clients and meet those needs at a much more competitive price than much of the competition. To do so requires that each employee at ICI is the best at what they do. It also requires all to be very flexible.  Obviously we can’t be all things to all people, so we lean heavy to process automation turn key solutions. Our main field of process control solutions are in water and waste water treatment and control. 

Our mission is to offer the best economic solution for both the short and long term life of the solutions we deliver. In doing so, we offer the maximum savings over the life of the solution provided.

A Blurb About The Team

ICI’s employees are paid well, BUT!  They earn it. ICI expects each employee to do the work of two of our competitors and receive the pay of one and a half. Sound tough? It’s not hard if you know how to work hard, smart, efficient, and don’t waste time.  If you’re looking for an easy ride, please look elsewhere.  We are all about results. If you are not, you’ll be found out pretty quick and you will be disappointed.  If you are a creative solution finder, interested in being a vital part of a growing business, then this may be the team you’re looking for. We hire at all experience levels and pay is commensurate with experience. Rewards and perks are commensurate with results.


ICI is a “roll up your sleeves and get dirty to find the solution” type of company.
Our customers demand solutions that work right the first time. We test in our shop before we deliver. We can’t afford to throw our or the customers time and resources wildly at problems hoping to find a solution. Quality pre-engineering and testing is critical. Experience, healthy sometimes heated discussions, with a unilateral desire to provide the customer with the best solution is everyone’s primary goal.  Our mantra is ICI’s success depends on each employee providing the best in what they do and working together to deliver.

No suits and ties, casual dress for field and shop, semi -casual for office and business meetings, make ICI a comfortable environment to work in.  We hold to high ethical and moral values and place family values at the apex of our concern.  Our company supports both local and foreign missions in both monetary and personal support in short term trips.  We believe it is our responsibility to take some of what our provider has blessed us with to make the world around us a better place.

We are a growing business in somewhat cramped spaces to do our job. But, we are about growing at a healthy rate and spend on space as we can afford to, not before.  This conservative perspective may offend some, but we plan on being around for a while. We don’t want to experience trouble because we have spent precious resources on looks and not enough on tools or other important assets. 

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We are located in beautiful Northern Lower Michigan. The greater Grand Traverse area is surrounded by crystal blue Lake Michigan, Grand Traverse Bay, and dotted with dozens of inland lakes. We have miles of federal shoreline, hundreds of public beaches, rivers, and  hundreds of square miles of state and federal forests ideal for hunting, camping and fishing. The area is a dreamland for summer and winter outdoor sports from water to down hill skiing, scuba diving, sailing, mountain or road biking, etc. You get the idea.  The local schools are some of the best in the state for music, sports, and curriculum. There are several private schools that cater to personal student needs and desires, such as Montessori, Interlochen Arts Academy, and several private Christian schools with a large home school network that has been active for well over a decade.

The Traverse City area receives well over a hundred inches of snow in the winter and we see temps below 0 deg F for a few days in a row. If you don’t like snow, better go south. If you love the outdoors all year, then you’ll love it here. Summer time rarely gets above 90 degrees and if it does, the beaches are close by.

Current Job Openings:
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EE ( PE preferred but not required ) or Licensed Electrician with extensive experience in controls instrumentation and AB PLCs.

Responsibilities include:
Project Management, Panel Design, Panel and project instrumentation installation supervision and start up management ( both actual and supervisory )
Some travel out of state will be required, but mostly short stays ( 5 days or less, no more than 2 times/ month).  Some Estimating and project cost management.
Extensive PLC Logic and HMI  Programming with ability to provide some process solutions will be required.  Excellent people skills are a must. Ability to work under a tight schedule and have a firm understanding and experience in human resource cost management.
PLC Logic Trouble Shooting.

This is a position for a Sr Programmer with extensive experience in the listed fields. ICI is looking for a team leader who is interested in being a key leading individual in a growing business.  ICI is looking for the best of the best. If you think you have what it takes download and fill out the application along with your resume and forward it to use "Resume" for your subject.